Prior Webinars

Prior Year’s Webinars  

Cultivate Resilience for Success presented by Jill Fahlgren, Executive Coach

The good news is resilience can be cultivated and built. This presentation will introduce you to a concept that is a difference maker in bouncing back from adversity. You’ll also learn 3 key ways to cultivate resilience. Key take-aways include specific actions you can take to develop your ability to better handle setbacks, both now and in the immediacy of a challenge you’re facing.

Jill Fahlgren is a Principal with Next Step Partners, a firm committed to helping leaders and their teams step into new challenges, create alignment and accelerate results.

Media Literacy Webinar Recording – Natasha  Casey, Associate Professor of Communications

The recent national spotlight on “fake news” has provided an opportunity to emphasize the importance of media, information, and news literacy for all of us. It provides the skills, knowledge, and critical thinking methods to be reflective in the use of media and information.

Natasha Casey is an associate professor of communications at Blackburn College in Carlinville, IL.  Natasha received her BA in media studies from the University for the Creative Arts (England) and a M.Sc. in media studies from Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, TX). She holds a PhD in communication studies from McGill University (Montreal, Canada).

Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover is the story of one young woman’s life and her struggle for education and self-invention. She grew up in a survivalist Mormon family in a remote rural area of Idaho, her only education by home schooling and self discovery. This story raises many questions about education, the influence of family, and the differences between rural and urban. Let’s discover the answers together as we discuss one of the 10 Best New York Times Books of 2018.

Professor Brodhead completed her undergraduate and graduate work at Rutgers University. Watch the book discussion recording!

Gender (female) & Climate Change Webinar recording

Climate change is also a social phenomenon, which affects people differently depending on their social status. Due to social structures and biases, women are often affected disproportionately by environmental stressors and climate change is no exception.

Dr. Erin Bergren, Visiting Professor of Environmental Studies at North Central College, received her BA from Sarah Lawrence College and her PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. She is a member of the Superstorm Research Lab, an interdisciplinary scholarly cooperative, and the Education Advisory Council of the Morton Arboretum. Dr. Bergren also sits on the editorial board of the journal Case Studies in the Environment.

Spotting Fake News & Other Fakes on Facebookpresented by
Elaine Fisher & Kate Skegg

Can you spot fake news on social media? or fake memes or videos? Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Become more savvy online and help prevent the spread of fakes on Facebook. The majority of victims are women so defend yourself with knowledge.

Fight the Wikipedia Gender Bias – presented by A J Conroy

  • Learn how women are not represented equally on Wikipedia
  • See a demonstration of how to become a Wikipedia editor

Will you take the challenge to update information on our female role models, scientists and historic women?

The Future of Work – presented by Marian Cook
Emerging technology and business leader with extensive experience in strategy, management, operations, innovation and change management. She is currently a Solutions Principal at Slalom Consulting, the Head Learning Facilitator for MIT’s blockchain class, and a Strategic Advisor to the Chicago Blockchain Center.

2018 The Handmaid’s Tale Discussion (Book and movie)
Margaret Atwood’s riveting journal, The Handmaid’s Tale,  of a young woman whose life completely changed in a few weeks. Losing her independence, freedom to communicate, her daughter and husband; all due to a change in government control. Her life as a pawn of the religious patriarchal society is revealed in horrifying detail in her 1985 book. We also compare and discuss the 1990 Handmaid’s Tale movie starring Faye Dunaway and Robert Duval.

Feb., 2018: Get Girls Into STEM
STEM experts share strategies for getting girls into STEM, and explain why getting girls into STEM is important.    Webinar recording.

Webinar Presenters:
ati Sievert is the director of STEM Outreach at Northern Illinois University, which provides STEAM programming to tens of thousands of people throughout northern Illinois
Veronica Arreola is the Director of Latin@s Gaining Access to Networks for Advancement in Science (L@s GANAS) at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Previously Director of the Women in Science Engineering (WISE) program at University of Illinois-Chicago, Veronica also works with individuals and nonprofits to envision their social media strategy.

Jan. 2018: Survival Kit for Working Women recording

  •  Take advantage of online resources to empower yourself to combat sexual aggression and harassment in the workplace
  • Use the strategies of the Feminist Fight Club to fight back against identified harassment in the workplace

Elaine Fisher
, AAUW branch member, a former AAUW Program VP and leadership trainer.
Sarah Breithaupt, Director of Youth and Family Services for Lisle Township and facilitator of the Lisle Township Job Club. She is a licensed clinical professional counselor specializing in career counseling.

Dec. 2017: Women in Media & Film
Presenters: Dr. Sabryna Cornish, Asst. Professor of Communication and Media Studies and Dr. Chelsey Crawford, Visiting Professor of English and Film Studies, both of North Central College

Join us for an exploration of women in the media — from how film and TV cameras represent women’s (and men’s) bodies — to the narratives and character types used to represent women.

Oct. 2017 ERA IL Update AAUW Webinar
A. J. Conroy, a practicing attorney and member of Chicago, Inc. AAUW is a passionate advocate for the ERA. She is the Social media manager for ERA Illinois, Equal Pay Day Chicago and Chicago Craftivists.  ERA IL Update Webinar recording

Kathryn Modisette, ERA Advocate and member of the Leadership Council of the Tazewell County Progressives and the Progressives of the Washington IL Area, and a member of NOW and the #Blono4era coalition.

Oct. 26, 2017: Attracting Members Using Social Media webinar recording

Presented by Elaine Fisher and Kate Skegg. Elaine Fisher, a member of Jane Addams branch, is also Naperville Area branch co-president and Facebook page administrator. Kate Skegg, AAUW member of Jane Addams branch and Downers Grove branch, is the Illinois Social Media Manager and has been active for 10 years on Twitter.